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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sin Bra

Lifts Breasts Without A Bra!
RM 30 Only! Get it Now! 

Only RM 30 !! per pack

medidas 12.5*5.5
20% adhesivo hipoalergenico
55% papel siliconado
25% pelicula de poliuretano transparente

New and exciting INSTANT BREAST LIFT TAPE. Now you can lift your breasts in a matter of seconds without any painful surgery. It`s so simple to make sagging breasts look beautiful and natural. This one pack includes 6 pairs.

Lifts Breasts Without A Bra
No Surgery Needed
Boosts Confidence
Enhances Cleavage
Celebrity Secret Revealed

Pasties not included - can be cut with scissors if needed - do not use if have sensitive skin.

Bump Your Hair With Bumpits!


Sunday, July 25, 2010

Woman Dress

Korean Dress

RM 75   /   24 USD
Korean dress yi1631 Gray
Material: Chiffon
Color: Gray、Pink
Size: S、M、L
Size:      Bust         Length     Shoulder Width
  S:      84cm         93cm       36cm
   M:    88cm         93cm       37cm
   L:      92cm         94cm        38cm

RM 65   /  20.5 USD
Korean dress yi1666 Black
Material: Chiffon
Color: Black、Red
Size: Free Size
Bust: 80-92cm  Length: 85cm

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Women Dress!
Japanese Dresses

RM 65   /   20.5 USD
 Japanese dress j0008 Coffee
Material: Chiffon
Color: Khaki
Size: Free Size
Bust: 89cm   Length: 83cm


RM 65   /   20.5 USD
japanese dress j0016 White
Material: Cotton
Color:  Red, Black, White
Size: Free Size
Bust: 90cm   Length: 78cm

Friday, July 16, 2010

Colour Palette Review

Ha ..kepada sesiapa yang tengah dok fikir eyeshadow palette mana yang nak dibeli atau was-was warna palette tuh macammana? jadi saya letak lah beberapa video untuk anda tengok macammana rupe eyeshadow yang bakal anda beli...ha pastu berangan nak make over muka macammana kan?..hehhehhehe...ok kita tengok dulu sedutan warna-warna palette yang ada dijual di sini okey!.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Jenis Berus Anda wajib tahu

Loose Powder
Digunakan untuk menyapu loose powder .Berusnya agak besar sesuai untuk menyapu ke seluruh muka.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Tips Make up Mata Menawan

Untuk menampakkan mata anda lebih seksi dan cantik, pertama sekali gunakan eyeliner pencil di bahagian dalam kelopak mata atas dan bawah untuk tampak mata lebih bundar.